Effingham Selectmen Meeting | March 29, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Effingham NH Selectmen meeting from 3/29/16. The Selectmen: Leonard Espie, Lawrence Edwards and Henry Spencer convene there meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham, NH and this meeting began at 5:00 pm.

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Encrypted analysis: H0yjti1RedoK8btv7dxc2heAyYT8qmtD


Public Comments; Too many employees at Town offices; Preservation Society; granite steps at library;


Fire rescue report;


Transfer Station operator report; number of transfer station employees; Easter Holiday coverage; Veterans Day; comments and reports; Easter Holiday coverage; Veterans Day; comments and reports;


Lawerence- crack sealing; pine river bridge; 15,000 budget; Lakes Region Paving; spencer- wilkinson swamp road; Jone's rd; Zoning Officer change of hours; 5-6:30


Lakes Region Planning Appointments; proposed review of Personnel policies; granite posts; have 6 need 8; delivery from Laconia; Cemetary fund; placement of; painting class scheduling; building access; key use; granite road bridge; abutments; inspection of; centralized project folders;


LRPC; Stevens road culvert; bridge aid; trustees Appointments silent poor; south river oil spill update- report; functioning boom- absorbent packs; DES permit application; new business- 91-a: trainings public comment; road billing; crack sealing; division of selectmen work load; paving transfer station; process of;


public comment- possible highway Committee formation; PC- town employees sharing work load in town offices; PC- fire truck presentation of use; PC- area road raking; staking; walking town lines; Ossipee town line; road weight limit signs; waste management trucks using roads; PC storm damage; handling of; ditch cleaning; summer road budget;


Selectmen move into a work session in adjacent room; Road maintenance; End 7:51 PM

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