Effingham Selectmen Meeting | March 18, 2017

Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Effingham NH Town Meeting from 3/18/17. [Part 1 and 2] The Town Convened their meeting at the Effingham Elementary School, 6 Partridge Cove, and it began at 9:00 am. Effingham is governed by town meeting and three selectmen. Town budgets are voted on in March. With a population of 1,325, Effingham is our area's smallest town. Located south of Freedom and east of Ossipee, its inhabitants have developed a character of old-fashioned virtue, simple living, and a willingness to work. The town has many small businesses, including many that have a strong foothold in history. The town's appreciation for history can also be seen in its numerous historic buildings, including one of the first Normal Schools, in Lord's Hill; its town hall in Center Effingham (which now serves as a library), and many other old churches and other buildings around town.

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