Effingham Selectmen Meeting | June 26, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Effingham NH Selectmen meeting 6/26/18. The Selectmen: Leonard Espie, John Meisner and Michael Cahalane convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Claudia Lamphier. Administrative Assistant: Cheryle Feirick. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Encrypted analysis: MutHLYOTenugislbivakuthotriN4wRo


Call to order: 5:00 pm; John Meisner; Michael Cahalane; Leonard Espie;


MANIFEST REVIEW; Fragmented voice data: Cross talking: US Cellular; 2015 Dianna; Cell tower; PK; Dump; Dump stickers; 750 Rack cards]; Zoning Department; Minutes: ZBA; Maintenance program; State and Federal laws; Holding a check; November- October; School payment: $363,830.00;


Pledge of Allegiance; Opening: Roadside trimming bids; (#ThompsonTimberHarvest= $25,000.00; $25,000.00; $15,000.00;) (#EnglishArborculture: $16,500.00; $4,000.00 $20,500.00); (Green Mountain Road Reclamation project= #FRCarroll=$194,019.20); (#RDPaving=$193.228.53); #PikeIndustries=$202,352.95) Scheduled work session to review details of bids: June 29, 2018; 4:00 pm;


Select board reports on the death of a long time resident; Marilyn Moran; Death date: Friday June 22, 2018; JOHN MEISNER: "I would like to make an announcement. On Friday, June 22, a very dear friend of mine, past selectmen Marilyn Moran passed away from an extended illness. Marilyn served as an appointed selectmen, as an appointed selectmen to fill the vacancy of the board and served in the capacity: 2001, 2002 she ran for the tax collector, town clerk and she served that position until she retired. From that position from 2013. She was a very active member of the community she served in many town organizations, she was very instrumental in, starting the very first, well not the first one, but bringing to life, celebrate the Effingham group. To date she has moved to Ossipee with her mother and left her public life to enjoy her family time and..personal interests, I feel..she really was instrumental on my part...in 2001 coming on board as selectmen because we had freshman selectmen and she really...she was the secretary...she was the town secretary for a great many years ands she knew the town she knew the players she knew the what and where and she was very instrumental for me..the knowledge she had was.. you can't..get...she gave me support..and actually when we hired...Claudia...she was.. there to show Claudia the ropes...the municipal part of it...and she...will be sorely..sorely missed...you know.. we kind of lost contact for a bit..you know I still always thought about her ..you know...and I hope everybody keeps their family up in prayers and everything else..I wish nothing but the best for her...for the rest of the family...so I just wanted to make that announcement and...she'll be sorely lost...to the community....."


MAIL FOLDER: Notice of ZBA decision; 44 Champion hill road; Re-opening convenience store at Province Lake; Land Mergers; [Intent to cut- No verbal vote taken or location reported for intent to cut.]


MOTION: M-Meisner To accept the meeting minutes from June 19, 2018; Public hearing; Cable hearing; 2nd-Cahalane V-Meisner-Y ; Cahalane-Y; Espie-A-absent;


MOTION: M-Meisner To accept the Select Board meeting minutes from June 19, 2018 2nd-Cahalane V-Meisner-Y ; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MOTION: M-Meisner To approve the manifest June 26, 2018 $408,171.23; School Payment: $363,830.00 2nd-Cahalane V-Meisner-Y ; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MOTION: M-Meisner To approve the manifest June 26, 2018 $408,171.23; School Payment: $363,830.00 2nd-Cahalane V-Meisner-Y ; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Rep. Ed Comeau reports that an attorney is meeting with Brookfield to discuss their franchise agreement; Offers contact information; Broadband cable;


This meeting continues but was not video recorded. Please reference the public meeting minutes located on the Town website or contact the town offices for more information.

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