Effingham Selectmen Meeting | July 30, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Chuck Fuller, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Claudia Lamphier. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Location coordinates

Encrypted analysis: t02tospIDreRUJlHIbePReprEjlCreKa


MANIFEST-SIGNATURE-ACTION FOLDER REVIEW: Roll Call: #meisner #cahalane #fuller (telephonically); Danley Demolition; snow blower repair;


MANIFEST-SIGNATURE-ACTION FOLDER REVIEW: Signature folder: Septic; snow blower repair billing;


MANIFEST-SIGNATURE-ACTION FOLDER REVIEW: General audience conversation; double slip invoices; action folder; snow blower; #Evans Brothers; 33 Old Pound Road; propane tank;


MANIFEST-SIGNATURE-ACTION FOLDER REVIEW: 33 Old Pound Road; propane tank; beaver activity; Snow road pond; Eversource;


MANIFEST-SIGNATURE-ACTION FOLDER REVIEW: Grant application; Software; mechanical scale; 120 volt; heavy loads; Hutchins Pond Bridge overload complaint; PLEDGE:


PLEDGE: Selectmen Chuck Fuller is attending telephonically;


Motion to approve the manifest; Motion to approve July 23, 2019 minutes; corrections: paving; hunters bridge road; snow blower repair;


Motion and vote to accept the July 23, 2019 non public minutes; abatements; septic system approval; roof proposal; Danley Demolition; package pricing; 33 Old Pound Road demolition; ordinance changes; transfer station; Lake host program; playground; Effingham Connect;


Motion and vote to take administrators name off of town credit card; #claudia; #burke;


MAIL FOLDER: storage ideas; letter from NH General Court; House and Senate letter; SELECTMEN COMMENTS AND REPORTS: #meisner: Pot holes repair; health officer; subsurface; grading; calcium chloride; #cahalane: Subsurface; selectmen responsibilities; administrative warrant; White Mountain Survey; Green Mountain Road; wetland permits; bridges: HEB; Snow Road;


BRIDGES: #HEB; Snow Road; winter plowing; Granite Road Bridge; turn arounds; snow blower; future work sessions; #fuller: Transfer station ordinance; syringe management; Library shed; culvert cleaning Town House Road; solar installation; 3 phase requirement;


Fuller report: budget committee; solar energy; transfer station; lease arrangement; computer software upgrades; cloud; hard drive replacement; #LRPC electric savings program contract signature; #burke signature; letter: South River abutters- beaver control; beaver removal; PUBLIC COMMENT: USB Drive: school student attendance data;


Motion to adjourn: 5:45 pm;

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