Effingham Selectmen Meeting | October 1, 2019

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Meeting Notes


MANIFEST REVIEW: GREEN MOUNTAIN CONSERVATION GROUP: EFFINGHAM ELEMENTARY HISTORY: SIGNATURE FOLDER: ROAD MAINTENANCE: BANK OF NEW HAMPSHIRE: REGIONAL AMBULANCE COMMITTEE UPDATE: SCHOOL TAXES; LAND AND TAX APPEALS: TAX BILLING: ATTENDANCE: Chuck Fuller, John Meisner, Michael Cahalane. START: 5:00 pm- END: 8:02 pm; Town Administrator: Brian Burke; Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook. Visit the Town of Effingham website Location coordinates Encrypted analysis: stuhlp4a2rifrln7Xuxat0OwetRos38q


MANIFEST REVIEW: Cross chatter: Printer use; Printer paper use; Printer paper budget; Joint Loss Management Committee; Salt shed check list; Printing budget; Book shelves; Basement; 68 School St.; Septic Tank location; Well location; Contract comparisons; Extra services; Utilities; Assessing contract; Safety committee; License: $6,000.00; Contract: 13,000 pages; Overage fine; $85.00 overage fine; Orange marker paint; Tree; 109 Drake; Tax Collector; Bonding requirements; Insurance; Bank deposits; Treasurer authority; Treasurer responsibilities; Assessing contract; C.I.P meeting schedules; Copier budget; Department Of Revenue Administration (DRA);


GREEN MOUNTAIN CONSERVATION GROUP: Presentation: Water quality; Jill Emerson; (GMCG); Effingham water quality; Vernal pools; Hunters Bridge Rd. office; Research Education Advocacy and Land Trust Work; AMERICORPS Host; Citizen science programs; Lakes- Rivers; Cyanobacteria blooms; Turbidity; PH testing; Geology; Dissolved oxygen; Conductivity; Salt; Total Phosphorus; Microsiemens; Pine River location testing; 2019 conditions; summer/ winter water levels; Salt detections seasonally; Road salt management; Sampling site locations; Elm St.; Ossipee; Winter road conditions; Road salt applications; $45.00; Sampling timelines; Meter kits; 9:00 am; Change in water levels; Spikes of conductivity; Bi weekly testing proposal; South River: Parsonsfield ME; Dissolved oxygen levels; 5 year condensed mean average; Ossipee River testing location; Dam Construction; Rt. 153; Acidity; Levitt Brook; Camp Marist; Phillips Brook; Cyanobacteria blooms; Chloroplast bacteria pigmentation; Photosynthetic bacteria; Toxic effects; 7 major classifications; NHDES parameters; Province Lake cyanobacteria bloom history; Toxic shock threat: pets;


GREEN MOUNTAIN CONSERVATION GROUP: Presentation: Water quality; Mozell: (GMCG); Best Management Practices (BMP); Phosphorus loading; Stormwater; Impervious surfaces; Water front properties; Non point pollution; Road salt; Motor oil; (BMP); Landscaping technics; Vegetative practices; Low impact development; Absorbing run off; Soak up the Rain Handbook; Dry wells; Infiltration steps; Rain barrel collection; Rain Gardens; EPA grants; Ossipee Lake: Ossipee Watershed; Camp Calumet; Dry wells; NH Residential modeling; 2020 Partnership: Town Roads; BMP designs; Mushroom walks; Americorps trail system construction; Kiosk installation; Macro invertebrates; Map and Compass workshop; Reynolds Hall; PFA's; Effingham Elementary involvement; Rt. 153 Province Lake washouts; Province Lake Association; Elm St. dry hydrant;


MOTION: Meisner, to accept: Manifest $23,488.54

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


EFFINGHAM ELEMENTARY HISTORY: Ossipee gym classes; School lunches;


MOTION: Meisner, to accept: 9/23/19 non public minutes;

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller- NO verbal vote;


MOTION: Meisner, to accept: 9/24/19 public minutes;

SECOND: Fuller

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller- No verbal vote;


SIGNATURE FOLDER: Intent to cut; Signed without motion and vote; Avitar contract review: Recycling; Assessing revaluation update; DRA valuations; Steven Regal; Library Door safety; Historical Assessment Plan; Parking lot lighting; Camera system installation proposal; LCHIP: Budget committee: DRA valuation data;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Road maintenance; Green Mountain Road culverts; Cold patching; Crack sealing; Sunday Paving; R&D Paving; $250.00 per ton; Frank Carroll [road issues?]; Road center line splitting; Base coat; Winter conditions; Financial policy acceptance;


BANK OF NEW HAMPSHIRE: Treasurer; Trust funds; Fees; Interest; Citizens Bank comparisons; TD BANK; Courier service; Balance maintenance; Fee structure;


MOTION: Meisner: to accept Bank of New Hampshire for town banking services; recommendation;

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


REGIONAL AMBULANCE COMMITTEE UPDATE: Request for town boards to vote to enter into negotiations;


MOTION: Meisner: to publicly approve the contract negotiation process for regional ambulance services.

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane No verbal vote; Fuller Y;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Right of way ordinance; Mailboxes; Police Chief applicants; Conway Daily Sun misleading headline; Sheriff's office; Review Board; Dominic Richardi; Police Chief hiring review board; 6 applications; Ambulance contract negotiations; Action Ambulance; 2 location agreements; Training programs; 4 wheel drive vehicles; Scholarship sponsoring; EMT training; Quarterly meetings; Multi town training; Active shooter training; CarePlus ambulance; Brian Lorde; MERVS; 570 Plains Rd. Rt. 41; Assessing contract; Oil collections; Grant applications; NHDES Bailey Rd. culvert grant; $75,000.00 Warrant article; HEB Landfill reporting; Ground water monitoring; Avitar Assessing; BTLA hearings; Eversource settlement; Collective bargaining; 90 Towns; Reduction in utility assessments; $20,000,000.00; Establishing base values; House Bill 700; HB700; Road reconstruction budget; $60,000.00; Evans culvert installations; Teresa Evans; Ron Evans; Green Mountain Road culverts; Effingham Conservation Commission; Stone installation; Pine River Rd. rut filling; Asphalt; Bonding paper work; Addendum dates; Contract details: Winter plowing verbiage; Underwriters; Low voltage wiring; Double wide; Cat 6-6a; Police Department; Router; Modem; Sheriff's Office; Jeremy Miller Electrician;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Budgets: Town Hall C.I.P.; Capital reserve fund; Trustee trust funds; Warrant requirements; Expendable trust funds; Transfer station; Fall cleanup; Demo dumpsters; Fees; Cash register use; Cash only signage; Permit requirement signage; Transfer station budget solvency; Work boot allowance; $70.00 reimbursement; Safety rated footware; Winter gloves; U-Line; $75.00;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Catch basin clean outs; $2,100.00 per day; Green Mountain Rd; Concord Hill; Rumney Hill Rd.; Champion Hill; Town offices parking lot; Green Mountain/ Rt. 25; Bellmoore; Trident; Old Pound Rd. demolition funding; Mailbox obstructions; Snow removal concerns; Deed issue; October 29, 2019: 6:30 pm; Tim Eldridge; School board finance presentation; ADM; Apportionment formula; Student enrollment evaluations; Student enrollment policy;


MOTION: Cahalane: to adopt the student enrollment validation policy; Governor Wentworth Regional School District proof of residency policy and procedure for the Town of Effingham;

SECOND: Meisner;

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Bridge bonding; Surety company; Elm St. Bridge project; NHMA budget workshop; Building assessment grant funding; $10,000.00 moose plate grant; $20,000.00; Supervisor of the Checklist; Library Parking lot: lack of lighting; LCHIP guideline documents; Municipal approvals; Library water testing; Well water testing $220.00; Remediation; Bottled water costs; Drake Rd. tree; Smoke within building; Pellet boiler; Back draft fan replacement; Ash tray maintenance; Ash pan cleaning check list;


Carroll County Broadband Group update: Steve Knox; Rick Hilland; Rural Fiber optic installations presentation; Effingham Elementary; GWRSD; October 7, 2019; Vermont Non Profit fiber optic installation; Phone/Cable fiber optic cabling; Waste Management: preventative maintenance; Compactors; Atlantic leasing;


SELECTMEN COMMENTS: Bank of New Hampshire; DRA; Michelle Clark; Tax forms; Trends; State tax portal; Excel spreadsheets; DRA municipal training/presentation;


JOE HAAS: SCHOOL TAXES; LAND AND TAX APPEALS: Gilmanton; Tobin and Volinsky; SAU 49; GWRSD; RSA 76:11-a, III; BTLA Petition: school tax appeals; RSA 71-b:16; 50 signature requirement; Town of Brookfield; Town of Ossipee vote; LGC consultation; RSA 76:8, III; RSA 77-a: II; State adequacy; DRA letter; Local school tax setting: zero; Legal council consultation; Wolfeboro Selectmen meeting; New Durham; Tuftonboro; Londonderry case; Derry SAU; Judge Hicks: Article 5 part 2: tax rates and taxes are to be reasonable and proportional; Newington; Claremont; Andru Volinsky: AG slush fund account; $750,000.00


ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE: Tax bill mailing; Minute Man press; Tax bill preparations; 1,700 tax bills; Motor Vehicle Account; Town share/ State share; Online account; Over the counter account; Motor Vehicle account; Checking account; General funds; POLCE CHIEF: Granite Road Bridge use: Dispatch computer installations; Sheriff's office; Jersey Barriers: Granite Road Bridge; Trucks using Champion Hill; Hunters bridge Rd. arrest;


MOTION: Fuller: To adjourn; 8:02 pm.

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;

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