Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | July 8, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The board members: Sue Simpson, Sam Martin and Martha Eldridge convene their meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, Bub Avery Memorial Gymnasium, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 4:15 pm. Town Administrator: Ellen White.

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Call to order; pledge; roll call; public input; sign permit waiver application; 1805 Rt. 16; MV; application fee; June 25 meeting minutes; corrections; MV; July 1, 2019 NP; MV; July 1, 2019 meeting minutes; MV; check voucher totals; July 6-9; total payroll; general funds; water sewer payment; MV


Public comment; Sign ordinance waiver;


Payroll reimbursement; water sewer; MV: cemetery deed; MV; temp outdoor event permit; public access film screening; A24 films; August 6, 2019; MV; permits issued list; charter communications; spectrum; Olympisat coverage letter; resignation letter; police department; Robert J. King Jr.; watershed news; water sewer warrant; August 19, 2019 penalties; MV; Summer-brook property owner letter of thanks; Parks and Recreation report;


Parks and Recreation report; Police dept. report; Road maintenance report; hazardous waste collection day; 28-171; covered bridge reinstallation; sidewalk update; easement letters; 2018 Carroll County annual report; intent to cut; MV; raffle permit application; Whitehorse Addiction Center; August 31, 2019; MV;


Department head reports; Parks and Rec.; Police; Roads;


Transfer station work log; highway dept. work log; moultonville road; ossipee lake drive; ossipee mountain road; constitution park; culvert clean out; channel road; beach pond road; walker hill road; sweeping ossipee lake drive; county farm road; chickville cemetery; connor pond road; pine hill road; announcement of sealed NP sessions July 9, 2019; MV; MV;

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