Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | July 15, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The board members: Sue Simpson, Sam Martin and Martha Eldridge convene their meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, Bub Avery Memorial Gymnasium, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 4:15 pm. Town Administrator: Ellen White.

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Call to order; roll call; LR: Martin; Eldridge; Simpson; Dept; Road agent; shim layer; paving; gravel; library steps; easement: Folsom Road; Road grading; calcium application; covered bridge update; Rt. 16 bridge replacement; PARKS AND RECREATION: summer camps; teen trip; ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Dept.. reporting; sumner brook property sale; revenues; Town wide reassessment process; preliminary assessments; TRANSFER STATION: Recycling; oil collections; card board; TAX COLLECTOR:


TAX COLLECTOR: Tax billing; deeding process; WATER AND SEWER: #eldridge: June: water production; lagoon pumping; meter reading; work orders; meter installation; broken water line; reconnects; hydrant painting; main valves; dig safe; water use data collection; state; POLICE: call volume; Lt. King replacement; new website; ZONING: permits; inspections; #coleman ; #Agape trailer; site plan; PUBLIC INPUT:


PUBLIC INPUT: no comments; #EDC minutes presented; Selectmen July 8, 2019 minutes; m2v; July 8, 2019 m2v; check voucher totals July 13-16, 2019; accounts payable; school payment: $716,000.00; Water sewer; m2v; payroll reimbursement request: July 16, 2019; m2v; monthly school payment $716,000.00; trust fund account authorization; m2v; #Harriman memo; road agent; ground water; landfill water quality testing; result comparison; #NHDES; well monitoring; #PFAS;


PFAS; #DRA request; PA38 form; inventory form signatures; Planning Board notice of decision; July 2, 2019; conditional approval; site plans; Planning Board notice of decision; subdivision approval; letter from #ashfischbein; pond erosion; photos: mill pond water level; property damage; deck platform; loss of embankment; HIGHWAY DEPT. WORK LOG:


HIGHWAY DEPT. WORK LOG: JULY -7-13, 2019; beaver dam; calcium application; flushed culverts: Ossipee Mountain Road; White Pond Road calcium; County Farm Road Calcium; fallen tree: Pine Hill Road; Ossipee Mountain Road: fabric; gravel; Walker Hill Road; gravel; roadside mowing; truck maintenance; grading Mill Hill Road Bridge; calcium: Back hoe brakes; excavator hammer; TRANSFER STATION WORK LOG: shipped containers; electronics; oil filters; demo container shipping; aluminum; card board; plastic; paper; bailing; reset empty containers; burn pile; INTENT TO CUT: supplemental m2v;


Cemetary deed; 44; 89 lot 119 grant: m2v; LETTER TO ROAD AGENT; read into record; appointment to LRPC TAC signature; no vote taken; wetlands permit application; long sands road; welcome wagon; #sign permit application;


sign permit waiver application: rescinding previous vote to approve; m2v; White Pond State Notice; Boat launch maintenance; administrative order; survey companies; restoration plan; White Mountain Survey; Land Tech; #Rymes; wetlands permit; Letter from road agent re: Mill Pond Dam water levels; erosion; Letter read into record;


Letter from road agent re: Mill Pond Dam water levels; erosion; Letter read into record; Dan Hole River; flow rates; soil saturation; Dam gates; rain events; flow control; computerized controls; water entry points;


ashfischbein; Mill Pond Dam; flow control; erosion; tax rate; measurements; level indicator; m2v; LAND USE ORDINANCE VIOLATION; COMPLAINT; non conforming use; zoning enforcement; equal application enforcement; selectmen authority; #gregoryhoward; selective enforcement;




gregoryhoward; selective enforcement; discontinued uses; PUBLIC INPUT: Billboard verbal waiver; sign content; sign size; 10 mile radius rule; The Cog; rescinded vote;


Billboard verbal waiver; #ashfischbein; EDC; Playground installation; auger holes; Fence removal; OCC; Fencing; gates; safety surfacing; benches; picnic tables; phase 1; phase 2; $56,356.00; call for volunteers; community engagement;


PUBLIC INPUT: #ashfischbein; sidewalk installation; sidewalk layout; GWRSD sidewalk; rail road tracks; #Mountainviewstation; safety; budget; OCC; freight house; Post Office; segments 14, 13, 12; budget expenditure; NHDOT;


Details of design plan; cost savings; freight house parking lot; striping; cross walks; OLD BUSINESS; Mill Pond "no fishing" signage; fishing derby; m2v

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