Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | July 29, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The board members: Sue Simpson, Sam Martin and Martha Eldridge convene their meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, Bub Avery Memorial Gymnasium, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 4:15 pm. Town Administrator: Ellen White.

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START: 4:15 pm; pledge; Roll Call: #martin; #eldridge #simpson;


Motion and vote to seal July 29, 2019 non public per RSA 91-A: 3 II (a,e,c); POLIC DEPARTMENT REPORT: promotions; new canine; August delivery date; HIGHWAY: Ossipee Mountain road; sidewalk installation; granite curbing; twin bridges replacement; Lovell River Bridge; Whittier Covered Bridge; NHDES permits; easements; easement compensation versus donation; mill pond measuring device; new truck painting bids; red versus white;


HIGHWAY DEPT: Hazardous waste collection day 2019; TOWN ADMINISTRATORS REPORT: westward shores campers; FEMA; tax file requests; LRPC: Electricity program agreements; Old Freight House property; #cryans; property access; TAX COLLECTOR REPORT: deeded properties; tax payment arrangements; TRANSFER STATION REPORT: recycling; bailing; refrigerator freon removal; WATER SEWER REPORT: Camp David inspection; ZONING OFFICIAL: Condo project; 760 Rt. 16;


PUBLIC INPUT: Coleman concrete violation; soil testing results timeline;


Motion and vote to approve July 22, 2019 Selectmen meeting minutes;


Motion and vote to approve work session and non public minutes July 22, 2019; water and sewer warrant:


Motion and vote to approve water sewer warrant: $644.44; Ambulance service quarterly report; check voucher totals;


Motion and vote to approve: July 22- 30, 2019; Check voucher totals; payroll; accounts payable; water and sewer accounts payable;


Motion and vote to approve: payroll reimbursement request: July 27-30, 2019;


Motion and vote to approve: contract to use facilities; Ossipee Old Home Week; Town Gazebo; Block party; August 17, 2019; Planning Board notice of decisions; Berry gravel pit; reclamation;


Motion and vote to deny $25.00 non refundable sign application fee; LETTER: #JoeDeegan; off site sign application fee; White Mountain Audio and Visual; $25.00 non refundable application fee;


Motion and vote to approve; warrant yield tax levy; timber warrant; $142.59;


Motion and vote to approve use of facilities contract; NH Make a Wish; August 17, 2019; $60.00 fee received; Highway dept. work log July 29, 2019; ditch cleaning; drain cleaning; garage cleaning; gravel; grading; library concrete; granite; mowing; Ossipee Mountain Road;


HIGHWAY WORK LOG; Grant Hill cemetery; gravel; grading; mowing; Town Hall lot striping; TRANSFER STATION WORK LOG: JULY 21-27, 2019; Recycling; shipping; cardboard; plastic; paper bailing; scrap metal; aluminum:


Motion to approve outside event application; White Horse Addiction Center; Overdose awareness rally; August 31, 2019;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing; bridge replacement; NH RT 28; potential impact statement; historic resources;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing;potential impact statement; historic resources; Bureau of Environment; bridge preservation project; 1959; bridge dimensions; right of way impacts; utilities; inactive rail line; traffic control; abutter notifications;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing; traffic control options; signaling options; detour options; Old Rt. 28; time line: summer 2020; school bus routes; EMS; FIRE: pedestrian use; bicycle use; snow machines; snow mobiles;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing; town events; YMCA; Bear Camp; detour details repeated; detour mileage; Old Rt. 28; business impacts; speeding concerns;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing; Municipal Work Zone agreement document; flaggers; NHDOT: local law enforcement; business impacts; #mcconkey; ambulance services;


NHDOT; bureau of bridges; public hearing; truck traffic control;


Motion and vote to accept the NHDOT municipal work zone agreement;


LETTER: Zoning official; press; Ice Cream Caboose; ordinance violation; complaint investigation; ZBA; non public meetings; search warrants;


LETTER: Zoning official: LETTER FROM ZONING TO GREG HOWARD: Active business activity; LETTER FROM FRANCIS BURKE; zoning assistance;


Motion and vote to send RETURN LETTER FROM SELECTMEN TO FRANCIS BURKE; zoning assistant position;


LETTER: MARTENEZ TO SELECTMEN: code enforcement; 1805 bill board sign application; waiver; photographs enclosed in correspondence; sign dimension increase;


Constitution Park Playground; Sun; shade; parent survey; new structure proposal; shaded picnic area; Merrimack Shelter;


Motion to allow a playground use parent survey; extending playground; Merrimack Shelter area; PUBLIC INPUT: White pond; legal; Mill Pond fishing/ no fishing signs; fishing age restriction;


Motion to adjourn: 5:14 pm

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