Tamworth Selectmen Meeting | October 24, 2019

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Meeting Notes


BUDGETS: GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Welfare Officer; Client base; Populations; Workload; NHMA; Wages; Raise; Wage comparisons; Medicaid changes; Housing; Electric service; Travel;


BUDGETS: TREASURER: Bank fees; Training; Deputy Treasurer; Mileage; Northway Bank; Concord; Fuel prices; West Ossipee; Cost of Sewer Commission; Enterprise accounts;


BUDGETS: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL: Lack of budget details; Street fair; Porta potties; Hosted events; Business development; Submitting budget information; Revenue Expenditure reporting; Single versus two budgets; Revenue details; Expenditure detail reports; Tracking vendors; Website; Civics Plus; Cook Library; Encumbrances 2019; Business listings; Printing; Helium;


BUDGETS: ELECTION-REGISTRATION: Revenue offset; Term expiration; Primary; Town Elections; General election; State Primary; Meals and services; 2016; 2018; Polling day; Newspaper advertising;


BUDGETS: CONSERVATION COMMISSION: FICA; Medicare; Trails; Managed lands; Towers; Town website use; Water quality monitoring; Green Mountain Conservation group; Grants; Printing;


BUDGETS: PLANNING BOARD: Engineering consultation; Recording fees; Equipment; Lap top; Projector; Deeds recording; Cell Tower ordinance: (PWSF); Flood plan ordinance; Legal consultations; Salaries; Administrative assistant; Medicare; FICA;


BUDGETS: TRANSFER STATION: Recycling committee; Retirement; Hauling; Renting; Leasing; Compactor; Tractor; Building maintenance; Over-hang; Bulletin board; Salt; Concrete; Bidding; CIP; Roof extension; Driveway; Computer-equipment; Fax machine; Hazardous waste day; LRPC; Wolfeboro; Raises; COLA;


BUDGETS: ROAD AGENT: Equipment list; Heat; Fuel; Wood boiler; Firewood purchase; Propane; Generator; Revenue; Culvert replacement; Roadside debris; Open enrollment; Health insurance; Buy-out; Wages; Highway drainage; Culverts; Salt; Sand; Sand storage; Telephone; Repair; Maintenance; Pickup truck; Old fire truck; Offsite monitoring company; Lakeside Alarm; Fire extinguisher training; Mountain bridge; Bunker hill; Salt shed; Salt bid; Diesel; Plowing; Shoveling; Landfill;


OLD BUSINESS: Shoveling; Transfer station; Scope of work; Bidding; Per diem employees; Police Chief; Bidding deadlines; Village parking; No parking signs; Stone walls; Sign installation; Right of way rules; Tree installations;


AUDITOR PROPOSALS: Annual reports; Financial statement audit; MS forms;


MOTION: Farnum: To accept:

BID: Town Auditor

SECOND: Streeter

VOTE: Streeter Y; Farnum Y; Mason Y; Ricker Y; Poirier Y;


BUDGET: HEALTH OFFICER: Mason; Assistant; Training; Duties; Cease and Desist; Septic failures; Daycare inspections; General complaints; Turkey St.; Water shutoff notices; FICA; Medicare; NH Health Officer Association dues; Mileage; Budget review scheduling;


MS 1 FORM: GSP White Lake values; DRA; Revaluation; Public service; Utilities; Veterans exemptions; MS 434; Overlay revisions; Abatement requests; Tax billing; DRA tax setting; Extensions; PWSF ordinance review; MRI Professional service agreement document; Landfill cover; HEB; NHDES; Letter of deficiency; Andrew Kellar; NE Solar installations; PILTS: Carrol County Broadband matching grant; Feasibility study; Federal funds; NH Forest Magazine; Rural Broadband; 11/14/19; Consolidated; Recreational vehicles; Ordinances; Zoning; Maple Dr.; Veterans fund; Tamworth Exchange; Discontinued Yahoo Groups; Civics Plus website; NH Preservation Alliance; Town site visits; Town House; Famers Market;


ATTENDANCE: William Farnum, Melanie Streeter, Rebecca Mason, Dan Poirier, Aaron Ricker START: 5:30 pm END: 7:13 pm Town of Tamworth Website Location coordinates Encrypted analysis: zUCrIMlcrEb4TrukuswUbu0rLGafR9sP


ADJOURN: 7:13 pm

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