Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | January 8, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 1/8/14. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and it began at 7:00 pm.

00:01 Selectmen discuss the winter sand policy; Teresa Williams, Town Administrator, reports; communications and correspondence with other towns that provide sand to residents; residents; no commercial use; Fred Clough, Road Agent reports on the process of dispensing and using sand;

05:00 Residential sand use; State Law requirement to charge for sand; Ossipee Aggregates; private sanding versus commercial sanding; completion of forms; Stock piling sand; discussion- concern that Wakefield is being used as a sand depot;

10:00 John Blackwood, Wakefield resident, comments: Blackwood expresses frustration that the town administrator has asked other towns how they handle their residents use of sand. Blackwood continues; clarification of procedure; Blackwood comments on safety; Blackwood intimates that “There are more important things to worry about then that sand pile”; local business use;

15:00 Local business use; discussion- sand use process; pickup truck beds; bucket; condition of sand; frozen chunks;

20:00 Selling sand; 2 dollars a yard; 650 per ton; out of town contractors; sander equipped trucks;

25:00 Completing forms to receive the sand; sanders only; buckets; 55 gallons per storm; honor system; driveways and private roads; spreadsheet showing all sand quantities used;

30:00 Selectmen Trembly commends road agent Fred Clough on his road work and snow removal; Rocky Point Rd. extension work; flooding issues regarding pump station one; CMA Click here to visit CMA site sewer and drainage proposals; pump station one- connecting; NHDES; formula evaluating capacity; CMA communicates doing all the work at the same time;

35:00 Pump station one flooding issue; engineering evaluation; effects of flooding on wastewater lagoon; motion to have an engineering evaluation by CMA; New Business fund balance policy; Gatsby 54; motion to accept the fund balance policy; vote passes unanimously; generator maintenance contract; motion to accept the contract; vote passes unanimously;

40:00 Correspondence from NHDES regarding the Union Village Dam spillway; Siemens Reality Trust; concrete spillway and hydraulic gate portion; NHDES authorization; Wakefield food pantry letter of thanks to the town; Troop 198 ceremonies; resignation of EMT Perkins; PUBLIC COMMENT Jim Miller, sand policy; State law regarding charging for sand;

45:00 PUBLIC COMMENT Jim Miller, sand policy; State law regarding charging for sand; Miller is concerned about the public input on the sand use policy; ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE -Town Warrant articles needing a selectmen’s vote; accounting software;

50:00Accounting software- $20,000; motion and vote to accept; passes; Park and Recreation van; $27,000; motion and vote to accept; passes; Capital reserve fund aquifer; town cemetery; motion and vote to discontinue both funds; passes; default budget; motion; 2nd; vote to accept; passes; Sewer fund totals; truck purchase;

55:00 Sewer fund totals; truck purchase; acquiring a shared transfer station truck, sewer department truck; motion; 2nd; vote passes unanimously; cutting down town Christmas tree; request for replacement; SELECTMEN'S DEED FOR TAX ACQUIRED PROPERTY ;

1:00:00 BUILDING PERMIT RELEASES 21 Desmond Drive; 229 Breezy Point Rd; motion; 2nd; vote passes unanimously; PAYMENT MANIFEST payroll warrant #1-($64,496.11) motion; 2nd; unanimous; #58 2013 (62,354.96) motion; 2nd; unanimous; Board minute Dec 11, 30, motion; 2nd; unanimous;

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