Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | January 22, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 1/22/14. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and it began at 7:00 pm.

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00:01 Default budget numbers; 4,242,940.00; correction should be- 4,270,548.00; 2.6% increase; Motion to move; 2nd; unanimous; 6 default budgets; Warrant Articles; Jim Miller, Wakefield resident question- percentage break down of tax bill; school; County;

05:00 New truck using sewer funds; not allowed; signing of warrant articles; public comment; Ed Comeau- Republican primary winner Joe Kenney ; liaison reports; road maintenance; Recreation Department; fishing derby- March 1,; Winnipesaukee derby; February 1, deliberative session; Heritage Commission; freight house; halting demolition; Jan. 30, 11;30 MEETING with public service; public hearing on master plan; The Grange carpet; painting; artifacts;

10:00 Blue signage on Rt. 16; freight house; work on freight house; model trains; planning board; site reviews; ZBA regarding appeal boat storage business; issue moving to court; denial of appeal; superior court; contradictory zoning; residential 3; February 7th public Heritage public hearing; Gary Steven's; preserving rural character of town; subjective ZBA zoning rules;

15:00 Appeal of administrative opinion; Selectmen's letter of appreciation; road crew; Arlene Fogg; Administrative update; meeting with Water Commissioners; scheduling; Marsh Road; classification; class 6; stuck vehicles; signage; pond road signage; RSA rules for maintenance; ice fishing;

20:00 Class 6 portions; Old Stage Rd; Selectmen's attendance at Heritage meeting; Turntable park; Jan. 30th; 11:30am; building owned by PNH; cost of moving building; Auditing; Vachon Clukay engagement letter; deliberative session notes; Articles 12- ambulance; 13 bridge; 14 firetruck; highway truck 15; invasive species 16; 17 police car; technology 18; 19 WPi; 20 cemetery maintenance; 21 cemetery water; 22 parks and Rec. field; 23 emergency man; 24 salt shed;

25:00 25 transfer station wall; highway heavy equipment; 27 highway construction; 28 spike strips grant; 29 trans station truck; 30 accounting software; 31 park and recreation bus; 32 treasure 1 to 3 year; 33 conservation fund well head 1; 34 cemetery account; 35 aquifer protection; 3 petitions; payment manifest; payroll; 66,253.45; 2014 treasures warrant 2 2014; 44,499.35; review and approval of pervious meeting minutes;

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