Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | August 26, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Delegation Subcommittee 8/26/13. The committee was formed to discuss the concern that some towns pay a disproportionate amount of dispatch service costs. The meeting took place at the Carroll County Administration Building 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 9:00 am.

00:20 Introductions; Keith Brown; Lt. Mike Santuccio, Sheriff Dominic Richardi; Carroll County Commissioner David Babson; Representative Ted Wright; Representative Karel Crawford; Moultonboro Town Manager Carter Terenzini; Wolfeboro Town Manager David Owen; and Representative Susan Ticehurst.

01:24 Chairman Crawford reviews the information that was requested during the last meeting; dispatch service areas; breakdown of health insurance; FICA; Medicare; workman's comp; retirement costs for dispatch operations; Ossipee calls for service numbers; discussion of process of service calls and their breakdown by town; Wolfeboro service call numbers; E911 system errors; Tuftonboro's high number of calls; Town Police Department sizes; jurisdiction coding; phone calls as calls for service;

11:00 Carter Terenzini- Moultonboro calls into the dispatch system; extracting which calls come from Moultonboro;

12:27 Carter Terenzini- Breaking down the service call data; Fire Department dispatch; Mutual Aid; 183,000 Moultonboro calls; discussion of cost to dispatch; pay for service; paying for baseline of service; double taxation;

26:35 Representative Susan Ticehurst- history of Carroll County dispatch; past and future processes; how will changing participation to a pay for service effect the ability to respond to emergencies; Towns without a police departments;

31:40 Karel Crawford- Moultonboro taxpayers picking up costs due to higher assessed property values; fair treatment; baseline share of services; discussion of the Meredith, Moultonboro, Center Harbor, Sandwich Ambulance service contract agreement;

37:56 David Owen- discusses other county fee for service models; allocation of costs; process of phasing in fee for service; Rockingham; Grafton, Hillsboro, Merrimack Strafford;

40:33 Domenic Richardi- Fire, Police dispatching; Town of Bristol; Moultonboro; property valuations; tax rates; Fire dispatch cost savings; value added service;

44:26 Susan Ticehurst- what value are the towns getting above and beyond the County Dispatch services; lobby reception staff; window services; part time dispatch; summer population surges;

49:06 Ted Wright- DRA assessing process.

55:50 David Babson- fairness; base rate; projecting dispatch town budgets;

1:00:05 Sheriff Richardi- Participation in dispatch committee meetings; Conway; Albany; Bartlett; Wakefield; sharing databases between other state Sheriffs department; Grafton County servicing areas in Vermont; Coos County; getting more town participation;

1:06:46 Sheriff Richardi- importance of maintaining existing dispatch system; towers; 24 hours services; discussion of purpose of subcommittee; cost of running County dispatch; expression that committee members are trying to reduce the footprint of County dispatch;

1:09:56 Expectation of savings; call handling capabilities; updating equipment; effectively breaking down dispatch call numbers; discussion of the next scheduled delegation meeting; discussion of including more people in the Delegation Subcommittee; Selectmen; Town Managers; Next meeting October 7th 9:00am

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