Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | October 7, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Delegation Subcommittee 10/7/13. The committee was formed to discuss the concern that some towns pay a disproportionate amount of dispatch service costs. The meeting took place at the Carroll County Administration Building 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 9:00 am.

00:17 Introductions; Carroll County Commissioner David Babson; Chief Deputy, Richard Young; Sheriff Domenic Richardi; State Representatives Ted Wright; Karel Crawford; Syndi White; Susan Ticehurst; Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator of Moultonboro; Earl Sires, Town Administrator of Conway; Moultonboro Selectmen Joel Mudgett; Adam Thompson, Ossipee Mutual Aid Chairman; Town of Madison Selectmen, John Arruda; Town of Freedom Selectmen, Les Babb; Wakefield Police Chief, Ken Fifield; Albany Town Administrator, Kathleen Vizard; Lt. Mike Santuccio, Carroll County Sheriff's Department; Tuftonboro Police Chief Andrew Shagoury, Carroll County Supervisor of Dispatch Communications, Keith Brown;

01:37 Review of previous meeting minutes; motion to accept August 26th meeting minutes (Ticehurst); Second (Crawford); Wright- aye, Crawford- aye, Ticehurst- aye, White- abstained;

02:27 Fee for service proposal, presented by Terenzini; Grafton County model; Merrimack County Model; County tax apportionment; call percentages; projected cost savings;

15:25 Circulated Memo; accuracy of call number calculations; preparing call estimates; accuracy of jurisdiction call numbers; adjusting spread sheet numbers;

20:10 Using the spread sheet; changing call numbers; accounting for fire departments; agency defined numbers; discussion- how calls take place; discussion- accuracy of populating spread sheet with inaccurate call data; "ponzi scheme"; Moultonboro hand count; focusing on function of spreadsheet not exact call data;

24:40 Chief Fifield Comment- fundamental issues; "ponzi scheme"; concept; budgets; cherry picking county budget; fairness; matrix of fee schedule; servicing add ons; "phony numbers"; personnel on duty; needed equipment; fixed costs; unfair concept; inaccurate base costs assumptions; rural law enforcement; sharing resources; comparison to the clairmount Decision;

31:14 Standard options of service; base budgeting numbers; baseline staffing model; skewed numbers; mutual aid; repeaters; dispatches from Milton; agreeing on a process; County Delegation acceptance;

37:20 Separating data; long term projections; flaws in data; committee recommendations; accepting or not accepting process; timeline recommendation; how to present proposal to Delegation; mutual aid process; Madison- saving money under centralization; decentralization; relying solely on County Dispatch;

48:46 Chief Fifield- history of dispatch services throughout the county; utilizing state police dispatch; dispatching grants; cost of equity; mandated services and optional service; common good for County Nursing Home, courts; discussion- examples of "cherry picking" call numbers; not accounting for walk- ins; dispatch trailer; pitting town against town; constitutional mandates; paying the State for dispatching?; simulcast upgrades;

1:00:54 Other County models; Moultonboro's plan to add dispatch hours when State Police Troop B disbands; Moultonboro's dispatch history; Freedoms base radio system; discussion of Moultonboro's dispatch service, basic equity and fairness; discussion of mutual aid ambulance services;

1:10:40 Services by assessed value; Moultonboro's process of ambulance services; shared based cost; Lakes Region Mutual aid process; how would fee for service be billed; call of service criteria; definition of "Call of Service"; structuring the call for service process; discussion- process of billing; arguing against the use of the word "subsidizing"; how many towns have their own independent dispatch service;

1:24:09 Conway dispatching service; Belknap County Fire dispatch method of payment; Strafford County dispatch service; Rockingham County Services; extent of dispatch services, courts; Ossipee paying for Moultonboro's night time dispatch; separating out different jurisdictions and functions i.e. Fire, ambulance- concern over system becoming inefficient; Rockingham upgrades/ comparison; Derry example;

1:38:15 Discussion of dispatch process; 16 jurisdictions; Other county radio upgrades due to aged equipment; argument- not lowering taxes concern is equity;

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